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About Us

Bhubesi Objective

Bhubesi Fire Projects’ objective is to conduct its operations in a safe manner, protecting the health and well being of its employees, sub contractors and the environment, to ensure its products and services meet society’s increasing environmental demands. Satisfactory HSE Performance is a prerequisite for all Bhubesi Fire Project related activities.

The technological advancements to Fire / Detection and Protection products has enabled Bhubesi Fire Projects [Pty] Ltd to provide system solutions for even the most challenging of applications ranging from simple Fire Protection / Detection Systems to larger turnkey type Systems for Hazards associated with Commercial, Industrial and Mining environments. The selected range of Fire Protection / Detection and Protection products of Bhubesi Fire Projects [Pty] Ltd provide for speedy and effective Detec- tion & extinguishing of fires associated with Industrial, Commercial, and Mining and Special Hazard applications.

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