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Products / Services

Special Risk Hazard Application

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A fire in a mining environment can potentially be a serious threat. Extra vigilance in helping to prevent and adequately prepare for fires is essential, given the hazardous nature of materials and the remoteness of many mining operations. With over 10 years of experience, Bhubesi Fire Projects has been involved with various mining sites across Southern Africa and the African continent helping to provide reliable fire protection and detection systems for mining staff and critical equipment assets. Our beginning to end solutions range from system design and installation, maintenance and technical assistance, refurbishments and upgrades, through to engineering guidance, fire fighting equipment, fire proof sealing, enclosure integrity testing and training.

Water spray deluge systems are used in hazardous environments where fires can spread quickly or where important/valuable equipment surrounding the fire needs to be cooled. These systems are designed for use in a variety of special hazard applications such as conveyor belts, transformer bays, fuel storage facilities and hydraulic power packs. At the core of our systems are specialised spray nozzles, sophisticated detection devices and automatic deluge valves positioned at the correct location, to rapidly bring the fire under control and stop it from spreading.

Fire Detection and Gas Suppression Systems

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The Technological advancements to Fire detection and Gas suppression Protection products have enabled Bhubesi to provide system solutions for even the most challenging of applications. These range from simple Conventional Fire Detection Systems to larger complex Addressable Fire Detection Systems for Hazards associated with Commercial, Industrial and Mining Environments . Our selected range of Fire Suppression products provide for a speedy and effective extinguishing of fires associated with Industrial, Commercial and Special Hazard applications. Analysis of client application will determine a no compromise approach in the selection of the product for the protection of the clients key asset, with critical design factors being personal safety ,environment and business interruption .

Planning ,Design and Implementation of System integration to Facilitate efficient and Reliable interfacing to new or existing client systems, including Building Management Systems , SCADA and environment Monitoring .Our expertise include, but are not limited to the design and installation of Special Fire Hazard technology and industrial Fire Protection Systems, including the latest technology in Fire Detection Systems.

These Systems include:

  • Protection of Gas Turbine Generators
  • Chemical Storage Areas
  • Bulk Chemical Offload Sites
  • Gas Compressor Stations
  • Heat Transfer Systems
  • Flammable Liquid Operations
  • Substations
  • Cold Rooms
  • Computer /Server Rooms
  • Specialized System Designs

Room Integrity Testing

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Bhubesi Fire Projects(Pty)Ltd is certified Level 3 -Advanced Enclosure Testing and Evaluation, with Retrotec Inc. Room Integrity testing is a mandatory requirement of the SANS/ISO 14520 Standard. The standard also states that the testing be carried out at least every 12 months to validate the enclosure integrity. All gas system design standards require a certain design concentration of extinguishant be achieved in a pre-defined time. It is the nature of the of Clean Agent to suppress all flame and fire spread but it cannot in every instance extinguish the initial source of ignition(for instance, severe electrical short circuit ).Therefore it is critical that the clean agent remain in the protected area for a minimum time period(generally 10 minutes for clean agents) at or above the defined protected height and at the correct design concentration. By measuring the leakage areas and static pressures, retention time can be calculated. This is precisely what the testing procedure is designed to do. The model predicts how many minutes it will take for the descending interface to reach the minimum protected height.

Commercial and Industrial Sprinkler Systems

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Bhubesi Fire Projects is an ASIB listed and registered organisation. We are able to undertake design work in accordance with both local and internationally accepted codes including ASIB, SABS, NFPA, FM and LPC. Sophisticated hydraulic calculation software is used to design the most suitable system for our clients, whether it is working to a project budget in order to meet minimum statutory requirements, or for extended asset protection such as may be required by insurance companies.

Our Fire Sprinkler Division is headed by a vastly experienced management team with extensive knowledge of the diverse range of applications associated with the local and Sub Sahara market. Based on the clients product category and or process risk, all systems are ACAD designed, supplied and efficiently installed.

System Categories:

  • Office Blocks
  • Shopping Malls
  • Distribution Warehouses
  • In Rack Sprinklers(Intermediate Sprinklers)
  • Freezer Protection
  • Deluge Foam Systems
  • Process Plants

Service and Maintenance Division

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Bhubesi Fire Projects service technicians offer a fast response , round the clock service to support all known manufacturers products .Our service centres are Located in Gauteng and Western Cape , however we will service anywhere in South Africa providing a prompt and cost effective response.

We have developed detailed service specifications for all equipment maintenance to ensure that work is carried out to the highest standards. Our Service and Maintenance division offers problem solving advice and alternative solutions to existing systems that require modification .Bhubesi Fire projects currently maintain a variety of sites across South Africa annually.